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Embodied Sundays

Embodied Sundays is currently on a BREAK for 2024. Stayed tuned to find out more about my future retreats.

A monthly mini yoga retreat for self-care, replenishment,
reflection and community.

One Sunday a month (dates below)
9.30am to 12.30pm
The Wellspring Warburton
$45 per month or $250 for 6 months
(2 class passes for those who have bought a class pass)

This monthly 3hr retreat will include:

- Invigorating Yoga practice
- Morning Tea
- Journal & Circle
- Restorative closing practice

This is a once a month longer, retreat / workshop style session where we will have a longer more spacious time to delve deeper into the practice, philosophies and principles that underpin yoga.

With a whole morning together, we will have unhurried time to connect to our bodies, to the practice and and to our stories. Coming together in a safe container as a group and community to share our unique wisdoms.

I have been wanting to offer this deeper practice with you for a long time now. We all intrinsically know the benefit of yoga goes beyond the physical, nourishing and healing us in so many ways. And I’ve always been excited to share my passion, experience and knowledge in a safe, intimate group setting , holding a space where we can come together to move, flow and connect to each other.

Each month will centre on a different themes, themes where if you’ve come to my class regularly, will know what I usually go on and on about. And this is a chance to expand and explore, going deeper each week into each one. As well as reflecting it back to your own individual lives.

Here are some dates for the year (subject to change).

Themes for 2023 Retreats:
- Grounding - 12 Feb (Why is grounding important? Poses that help this)
- Self Care - 12 Mar (Restoration and self-love)
- Balance - 16 Apr (Balance asanas and the benefits)
- The Pulse - 14 May (Exploring the pulse of the universe through our breath)
- Connection - 18 June (Movement and Breath)
- Comfort & Safety - 23 July (Boundaries & your Edges)
- Surrender - 20 Aug (Letting go)
- Flow - 9 Sep (Fluidity & Transitions)
- Intuition & Opening Your Heart - 15 Oct (Listen and Response)
No Retreat In November
- Coming Home - 10 Dec (Feeling everything altogether)

These themes are not set in stone, but indications of the plan I have. We will flow with the rhythm of the season and things that happen around us. Bring a journal to write in and pen.

Treat this one morning a month as a beautiful restorative self-care session for you, to step away from the usual day to day responsibilities and chores, and take the time to just focus solely on yourself, but in a safe, nurturing group setting.

Really looking forward to being in flow & in circle with you.

To book:

Please book in your spot early.
Capacity limit to 10 pax.
50% late cancellation fees apply (within 24hrs of event).

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