Awesome Yoga Pants!

Designed and made in the USA, carefully sourced by yours truly and her trusty workout gear partner, we bring to you... these SUPER AWESOME Yoga/Workout pants. Available in multiple colours and 2 lengths - capris (midcalf) or full length boot cut.

I can't rave enough of about these pants. They are super comfortable. They move with you. Absorbs sweat and moisture helping you stay dry during the most sweaty of workout. And they make you look DAMN GOOD. Hugging the places that need support (tummy and tighs) and lifting the places that needs showing off (bum). Technical jargon below.

As a yoga teacher, I've tried tons of brands out there. And really, none of them perform as well as these at this affordable price. They are my personal favourite and I own about 5 pairs in different colour and wear them in rotation.


Classic Black

Hot Pink - My Favourite! 


Metal Grey

Full Length Bootcut

Classic Black

 Hot Pink (sold out at the moment)

Hidden pocket for small items

Available band colours 
(but not limited to. New arrival bands pics will be uploaded soon!)

(For either capris or full length)

To Order your own pair of these awesome yoga pants, please email me at or to let me know which colour, size you like. Delivery charge is additional) 

0,2,4,6,8 (American sizes) These sizes run quite big so here I provide the sizing comparison against some common sizing:

Approximate sizing against UK size:
0 - 8
2 - 10
4 - 12
6 - 14
8 - 16

Approximate sizing again Singapore size:

0 - small
2 - medium
4 - large
6 - x-large
8 - xx large

For those who know me and have seen me before, I wear between a size 2 (tight) and 4 (not so tight). You want to get size that is NOT too loose as the last thing you'd want is to keep pulling your pants up in your standing forward folds.

Performance Activewear

  • These pants are made from Supplex which provides the comfort and breath-ability of cotton, with the wicking properties of dri-fit gear.
  • Supplex Plus have added lycra/spandex to ensure your activewear moves with you and returns to shape.
  • No more bagging out in the knees and thighs

Caring for your pants

  • Best washed in cold water
  • Use a laundry bag
  • Avoid softeners
  • Do not wash with towels (linty materials)


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