In yoga, we see that life is in constant flux, and that our breath, inhaling and exhaling every moment of our lives, we are merely a vessel that connects each of us to our outter world. This is a collection of all the beautiful inspiration available to us that I have inhaled since the start of my yogic journey. I hope they will inspire you too.


Just a wonderful portal for everything you need to look up for yoga. Postures, philosophy, anatomy, teachers, shopping. My favourite is their online videos where you can follow and do a practice from home, taught by some of the best teachers in the yoga world, free of charge! Also, I subscribe to their newletters, which give me a daily dose of yogic inspiration and wisdom.


A modern enlightened sage, speaker of the truth. Covers all topics of spiritual life. Particularly Patanjali's Yoga Sutra and Buddha. He also developed an array of dynamic meditation techniques, aiming to quell the distractions of our modern minds. I thoroughly recommend giving him a go.

This film is amazing. Just watching the trailer fills me up with gratitude that yoga is so accessible to women all over the world today. Do check out their very inspirational website as well. If you're a female yoga lover like me, so many of the quotes, said by famous female yogis out there will resonate with you.

Anusara Yoga - Open to Grace
Lovely video encapsulating what Anusara yoga stands for. Learn more about Anusara at

Ashtanga Primary Series
This is just a gorgeous video of the Ashtanga primary series being done on some amazing Indian backdrop. It's so so beautiful to watch these Ashtanga yogis float from one posture to another effortlessly. My own teacher training was based on this discipline of yoga. After a just a few sessions of the primary series, trust me, you will never feel the same again.

The Beatles

Boy did they write some amazing enlightened songs in their later years. What have the Beatles got to do with Yoga? So much. Like how a yogi is able to 'see' the truth, the Beatles did as well. And one song, specifically written by John Lennon, Real Love, is a song that fills my heart up with acknowledgement and humility over and over again. Written shortly before his death, Heartfelt and sincere, filled with wisdom and serenity.

Yoga Girl

On a much less serious side of yoga, check out this music video done by Fog and Smog. They are funny. Nothing wrong about admiring a yogini on her mat! 

"From this moment on I know, exactly where my life should go. Seems like all I really was doing. Was waiting for you." - Lennon, Real Love.