Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Yoga and Bali and Baby

I recently spent a lovely, quiet, peaceful week in Bali with the husband and our baby. So am feeling restored and regenerated. Bali is like my drug. Whenever I feel depleted, empty, frustrated and at my wits end with being in Singapore. I go to Bali and slowly my cup gets filled again. The natural beauty of the land and the sea and the people helps me connect me back to myself.  And I can come back, my body and spirit radiating with the love and oneness I receive from my trip. Here are some asanas shots my husband took for me while on the trip. Not bad, while taking care of our 8-month old in one hand and trying to take nice shots in the other. Its nice to get back to the practice. 

Half Moon, Ardha Chandrasana

Reverse Warrior

Tadasana with a backbend
Wild Thing

Headstand, Sirsasana

Camel, Ustrasana

Uttitha Padangustasana 

Dancing Shiva

Pyramid, Parsvottonasana 

Crow, Bakasana

Upavista Konasana Sidebend


Three legged downward facing dog

Triangle, Trikonasana

Tree pose with baby

Uttitha Padangustasana with bub

Prasiritta Padotanasana 

Wildthing with baby

Not sure if this is a pose haha

Lotus with baby

Warrior 2, Virabadrasana B

Reverse Warrior 

Wild Thing

Downward Facing Dog

Three legged Downward dog


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