Sunday, 14 October 2012

8 months pregnant and taking a yoga teaching break

Thanks for visiting my yoga teaching page. Being 8 months pregnant at the moment, I am currently taking a break from teaching yoga, and instead concentrating on my own prenatal yoga practice, taking classes getting ready for the exciting birth of our first born!

Me at 32 weeks (a month ago!) at the YM studio

So often, I feel incredibly blessed to have discovered yoga before getting pregnant and being ready for birth. Yoga has helped in countless ways. The awareness and mindfulness we practice on the mat brings so much awareness to my own body, feelings and emotions that I have been going through these past 8 months. The breathing (pranayama) practices on the mat has also aided in learning how to go into deep relaxation. And of course, my physical body has benefited so much from the core strengthening (we need a good strong core to hold the baby in our belly for so long and ideal for good positioning for birth), taking care of my lower back, strengthening my legs in case of a long labour, overall fitness and wonderful hip openers. But to really sum up the main benefit of yoga, is the learning the ability to go deep into oneself. shut the world out, and concentrate on your own body, what it's telling me at each stage of pregnancy and labour and how I can work with my body instead of against it. Yes yes yes, I'm raving on about yoga. As usual. But you can't keep a passionate yogi to shut up!

So my plan is for a natural, drug-free birth. I have prepared so much by taking hypnobirthing, antenatal and breastfeeding classes (I highly highly recommend), I've prepared a birth plan and all. And I am open to the possibility of a water birth (I am gonna request for a birthing tub in my delivery suite at Mount Alvernia). And really, am just hugely excited. I am lucky somehow, to not have any fear about the pain. It's not that I have a high pain threshold or anything, but I am a believer that nature had its reasons for us to go through this intensity of labour. And pain during labour is something my mom dealt with, my grandma, and all my maternal ancestors before me. Why should I be a chicken and deny myself of the privilege of going through this physical intensity that I believe can be refreshing, cleansing and will definitely release way more endorphins upon the birth, rather than a muted, pain-free delivery. Well, anyway thats my plan for now.

So thank you for visiting my page. I will be back in action early 2013 and will definitely make a post to announce that I'm back. Meanwhile, take care and keep practicing!


  1. I also checked with our family chiropractic if yoga is good for a pregnant woman's body and she answered a resounding yes. I'm glad there are articles like yours to back this up since I'm kind of hesitant at first.

  2. Good thing you're doing some stretching with yoga. My wife is undergoing chiropractic therapy since her 5 month because the baby is getting heavier each month and wife has thoracic scoliosis so carrying the baby is hard for her.

  3. I've heard a lot about the benefits of yoga for expectant mothers, but this is probably the first post I've really come across that relates to the subject. So that's how it can help alleviate some of the pains of being pregnant.

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