Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Studio classes at YOGA MOVEMENT

I am super duper excited to be part of the teaching team of this awesome new yoga studio in Singapore!

YOGA MOVEMENT opens 6th May and really, it is the most unpretentious, down to earth, reasonably-priced, non-judgemental and non-pressure type studio you can find in down town Singapore (Clarke Quay).

I got to meet the rest of the teaching crew - Sophie, Yun, Jing and Kiki with the studio owner Alicia Pan (famous singer cum yoga instructor in Singapore) a few weeks ago and I am must admit how incredibly heartened I am to meet like-minded, gentle, yet fun and bubbly yoga teachers on this harsh, mean-old city state I live in.

We also did our little photoshoot at the lovely eco yoga apparel shop Touch the Toes in Arab street.

Here are some shots from the newly launched website. Thank you Alicia for this opportunity!

From left to right: Sophie, Jing, Me, Alicia, Yun & Kiki

Please visit the site , book a mat space and come support us.
Currently I am teaching 6 classes a week and they are:

5-6pm - Yoga Basics
7-8pm - Yoga Core
9-10am - Yoga Zen
630-730pm - Yoga Zen
8-9pm - Yoga Core
1215-115pm - Yoga Basics

Here's an except from YOGA MOVEMENT About us page. I'm so proud to associate myself with it:

we’re not for the young
but for the youthful at heart
we’re for the big & the small
for the short & the tall
we’re for the weekend warriors
the after work & over worked
we’re for the yoga rookies
and the all-star levitating super yogi
our belief is your belief in your practice
take from it what you will…
one inch closer to touching your toes
a half a second deeper breath
a relaxing hour away from the kids
a step closer to your inner awareness
we have no locks or keys
no chains or whips
come as you please
our studio is your sanctuary
yoga is the movement

PS: Don't worry! I am still available for private and corporate hire


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