Friday, 2 March 2012

Yoga on a helipad

Recently, I've had the pleasure of teaching the employees at my previous company (my last corporate job!) yoga in their office premises. However, the studio wasn't a make shift conference room, or office gym. It was on the helipad, on the roof, facing the beautiful, renovated island of Sentosa.

So far, the two weekly classes that I have taught was blessed with great weather. And though a bit windy, and I definitely needed to project my voice a bit more than usual, the class's energy was undoubtedly one of the most determined. My students were not fazed by the wind blowing their mat and water bottles everywhere. And although their fellow workers were all probably sitting at their desks staring at all of us secretly through the one-way glass, they carried on and practiced with so much focus and so much heart. And when savasana rolled by, the sky lit up with stars and at that moment, life just seemed like it could not be sweeter.

Somehow I am not fated to teach in conventional yoga studio spaces. First the eurythmy hall at Emerson college, random sheep fields in Wales, restored 14th century chapel in a farm, outdoor shala at Botanic Gardens and now, on a helipad facing Sentosa. This actually kind of mirrors my spirit for life. I've put myself in these 'exotic' places, it was no coincidence. Never accepting the status quo, always pushing the boundaries, trying to seize each day as it comes. And that, I'm happy with.