Friday, 16 December 2011

We need yoga now more than ever before

In our modern life, its so hard to hear your own true voice anymore. So many distractions. So many messages outside ourselves, telling us what to do. Bosses, parents, friends, television, magazines, religion. Who should I listen to? It's not easy to tell. Be skinny. Be successful. Be smart. Be happy! But HOW? Who am I?

Shouldn't we all really listen hard to what WE want? What makes us really happy? Who else knows this truly but our own hearts and souls? You often hear the phrase 'Listen to your heart'. But even that's really tough these days. Sometimes, it seems to be telling me I really want that new Hermes handbag, or that posh new car. Oh wait, is that my heart or my head? Which is which? It's not easy.

It should be common knowledge now that material nice things only temporarily fills up a hole in our lives. (If you dont already know that by now... dear oh dear!) Sure, it's nice to buy a new dress once in a while to feel pretty. But you know truly, that if you need something outside your true self to feel good, then in the long term, you're in trouble. Whether it's a title at your job, success in your career, the handbag/car/shoes/hairstyle, this is all just part of dressing up your ego. The more you place energy building that up, the harder you will fall.

Thus, living an authentic life as much as possible is the most sensible way to go! But how do we get right down to truly understand what that is? Who is my true authentic self? There are many ways people use to get there. Writing is one. I myself (obviously right now) have been using this technique since I was able to write a complete sentence. But that's just making myself focus on one thing. One thought. And going deep. However, with writing, one tend to form opinions of things straight away. Building more 'ego' as clever opinions and points of view is the same with nice clothes at the end of the day. I use them to make myself 'feel' like I am something. With yoga, a 5000 year old tried and tested technique, resonates so much more with modern life today than ever before works because it's moving meditation. Sitting meditation is so so hard when one is used to so many distraction and things going on. But moving your body - a work of nature, a work of creation, placing aware on the parts of your body you never gave much thought to. Your fingers, toes, your breath. It all automatically unlocks your true authentic self. How does it work? What's the science behind it? Try it and find out yourself! So many modern research is only proving true what ancient yogis have known for milleniums. Yoga cuts through the drama of our minds. It unveils who we really are inside. And actually, we'll find out - that we're all the same. We all want the same thing. Despite race, colour, age, sex. We all made of pure love, and we want to receive it. We want to give it. That's yoga.

So it's funny how a journey to seek who you really are - your authentic self - you realise we're actually all the same! And that realisation is magnificent! It shows how we are all connected. We are not alone. It doesn't matter if that other person is mean and fussy or an asshole. Because that person just wants the same thing, he just doesnt know any better - yet. But you do now. And then, you realise, that all religions started the same way. Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Patanjali. They all realised the same thing and tried to teach it. But as humans are, we screw things up along the way. But alas, that's how we learn.

Yoga is beautiful because it is not an organised religion. It is personal and exactly what you want it to be. No one to tell you how to think, how to behave, what to wear, what to say. None of that. Just a technique,... and find out the rest yourself.

Now look at the world around us. It's certainly a lot more complicated than we've ever known it to be. In the past, yes people suffered. But people use to get information and influences from limited sources. Their parents, church/temples, schools and fellow villages, that's it. But today, we have so many so many different things shouting at us to do this and do that. Be this and be that. We are stuck in one place, unable to move. Depression rates, suicide rates are at all time high. We've lost our centre.

Thank god for yoga.

So if you feel a little lost these days. Not sure what the hell life is all about. What to do next, unsure who you really are, do yourself a favour and begin your own journey towards clarity and joy. It's so accessible these days. It's certainly a shame if you don't give it a go. We all need yoga now, much more, than ever before.

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