Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Headstand challenge

Today, I was having one of those days where I just felt grumpy, confused, dazed and just not very energetic. So in my self-practice, I tried my best to inject some life into my breath, and I followed my body's cue and stretched and strengthen wherever the flow took me. My favourite way to practice.

Gradually, I felt an urge to get upside down and so worked my way up to a headstand. I stayed for 20 breaths. Probably one of the longest headstands I've done. (They say if you spend half an hour in headstand everyday, you will be the healthiest person alive!). During those 20 breaths, which was probably a minute long, I observed all the thoughts that came and went inside my head.

Friday, 16 December 2011

We need yoga now more than ever before

In our modern life, its so hard to hear your own true voice anymore. So many distractions. So many messages outside ourselves, telling us what to do. Bosses, parents, friends, television, magazines, religion. Who should I listen to? It's not easy to tell. Be skinny. Be successful. Be smart. Be happy! But HOW? Who am I?

Shouldn't we all really listen hard to what WE want? What makes us really happy? Who else knows this truly but our own hearts and souls? You often hear the phrase 'Listen to your heart'. But even that's really tough these days. Sometimes, it seems to be telling me I really want that new Hermes handbag, or that posh new car. Oh wait, is that my heart or my head? Which is which? It's not easy.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

This Saturday - Yoga in the Park

This Saturday, I will be teaching my very first yoga class in Singapore!

Covering for my yogi pal, Sabina-Leah Fernandez who is taking a short holiday, the class will start at 5:30pm till 7pm at the Singapore Botanical Gardens.

We meet at Jacob Ballas Children's Garden at 5:20pm. For more detailed description go to the official Yoga in the Park Sg page.

Nothing like practising yoga the way it's meant to be. Surrounded by nature, fresh air, cool breeze. :) Please book ahead!


Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Yoga isn't about touching your toes

Really, it isn't! This comment gets said to me very often when I discuss yoga with my family, friends and students "I am terrible at yoga. I am so inflexible, I can't even touch my toes!" To which, I hope I can take this opportunity to clarify. The goal of yoga is not at all about touching one's toes. It may seem like that on the outside at first. Images of advanced yogis all twisted up in a pretzel, or staying upside down for long periods of time. Unfortunately these images are not meant to scare the inflexible, unatheletic people like us.

The point of yoga, is to discover the journey your body, your mind, and your spirit takes in order to touch your toes. The discovery. The everything in between. It's observing nature at work. This most sophisticated work of nature: Our own body and mind. By connecting back to ourselves, we automatically gain clarity, balance and calm in our lives. And along the way, we start to tone up, cleanse toxins away with our breath, build strength, flexibility and even start to look (and feel!) hot.